Prominent independent artist[Champ1_]+contains+%22Atijas+Mihajlo%22

Areas of interest:
architecture - interior design, applied arts - product, graphic - interactive design.
In 2000 launched a website to promote ULUPUBIH

He is a member:
ULUPUBIH - Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICSID - International Society for complexity, information and design
ICOGRADA - International Council of Graphic Design Associations

An interesting encounter was with a work of art Mihajlo Atijas, was organized at the exhibition in
Sarajevo gallery New Temple on the occasion of the European Day of Jewish Culture, 2010.
His name meet for thirty years in the visual areas (he became a member
ULUPUBIH 1984), but we have never met in a general presentation, with
Perceived possible imaginative indentation in shaping also various thematic
contents. Now he presented in his full creative atmosphere and provided us
ability to thoroughly acquainted.

With two issues are Mihajlo Atijas faced in dealing with exhibits set forth in this
his presentation: the theme of which is replicated historical situation that had just
survives the theme of religion and the nation to which it belongs by its ethnic specificity - religion Jews.

The first theme is waving its ethical principles,in the second he asked those crucial
moments through which penetrated her spiritual power of which was built in one civilization
pre resisted all the historical trials in which the Jewish people was for centuries, and millennia, exposed.
(Excerpt from the art critic)
Sarajevo, 16th 10th, 2010.
Vojislav Vujanovich


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Think and I hope that art can help people where they lost faith in the hopes of humanity and human values of life.
Tap love which offers nature and vastness around us.
I hope that if the answers on our cosmic presence soon arrive, but I'm not sure of a positive eternally expected questions about us ...